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【The China Post 每日精選】:二

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Here's a fast look at what the Sunflower Movement student leaders have been up to since 2014.


Lin Fei-fan

This National Taiwan University politics student catapulted to fame during the student movement with his potent rhetoric delivered while blinking back tears behind thick glasses and a green jacket. After the Sunflower Student Movement ended, he and others at the vanguard of the student movement formed "Taiwan March" (島國前進) to lobby for easing requirements for a valid referendum and for a draft bill on monitoring cross-strait negotiations. After he completed his compulsory military service, he campaigned on the behalf of candidates in the New Power Party and Green Social Democratic Party. Recently he has collaborated with Hong Kong democracy activists and is preparing to go overseas to study.

Chen Wei-ting

Known as the hotheaded one of the Sunflower Movement duo, Chen launched a bid for legislator in the 2014 byelection in Miaoli, his home county, but bowed out after being engulfed by a sexual harassment scandal. He is currently performing compulsory military service.

Huang Kuo-chang

After the student movement, Huang joined "Taiwan March" and spearheaded a recall campaign that failed to dethrone any legislators. In 2015, he tried a different tack, partnering up with rocker Freddy Lim and activist-attorney Chiu Hsien-Chih to form a left-wing political party. Today he is executive chairman of the New Power Party, which with five members has the third-most number of seats in the Legislative Yuan.

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