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英文中國郵報 2017/05/19 06:06:00
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MOL denies policy shift after allowing Chinese buyers to purchase Taipei luxury homes

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- In a hurriedly released statement, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) Thursday stressed that the government had not relaxed restrictions on purchases of Taiwanese properties by mainland Chinese citizens, after the Mirror Media reported on Wednesday that it lifted a ban for 44 buyers from across the strait. 


The 44 buyers placed orders on the apartments for the luxury home complex Vantone 2011, which was built by mainland Chinese real estate developer Feng Lun in 2015.

The MOL stopped the deal on the grounds that "the number of mainland Chinese buyers of a residential project cannot exceed 10 percent of the total".

The buyers, including Alibaba vice president Liang Chunxiao, lodged a cross-strait appeal at the Executive Yuan.

Mirror Media reported that after convening with the Ministry of Defense, the National Security Bureau, the Mainland Affairs Council, the National Development Council and the National Immigration Agency, the MOI finally decided that the transactions did not endanger national security and approved them.

The magazine quoted local real estate developers as suggesting that the decision indicated that the Tsai Ing-wen government was focusing on the economy and increasing goodwill toward Beijing.

The MOI stressed in its statement that the decision was just an individual incident and that the policies governing the purchase of property in Taiwan by mainland investors had not changed.

The MOI also stated that according to existing laws, each person from mainland China is only permitted to buy one home in Taiwan.

Members of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese government or the Chinese military are not allowed to buy homes in Taiwan.

The government can also stop transactions if the properties in question are located close to natural resources, military installations, or involved in the speculative investment of major national construction or land, or in any way jeopardize national security and social stability.




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