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Only 14% of financial funds in Taiwan are managed by women

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Only 14 percent of financial funds in Taiwan are managed by women, according to a new report looking at gender equality in the financial sector.


The figure is around average globally, below the best performers like Spain (22 percent) and Singapore (19 percent) and above Brazil and India (each with 3 percent).

However, as the Alpha Female 2017 report by Citywire points out, "whichever way you cut the data, women are hugely under-represented in front line fund management."

Of the 25,227 funds tracked by the group, only 3,691 are run by a woman, a team of women or a mixed team of men and women, with the rest run by men or all-men teams.

In Singapore and Hong Kong, "women make up one in five fund managers … nearly double the global average," the report says.

The United States came in at 9 percent, as did Ireland.

"But just 1% of US fund managers are women either in sole charge of a fund or working with a team of other women managers, in charge of just 2% of the country's fund assets."

The report came a month after the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics said that women in Taiwan earned 14.5 percent less than men.

Women received an average hourly wage of NT$253, whereas men received NT$296 for the same work, the Central News Agency quoted the DGBAS as saying.

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