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【The China Post 每日精選】:二

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Nobody is happy with Taiwan Pelican Express right now

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan Pelican Express sought to calm outraged customers Wednesday, saying it was working hard to send out a backlog of deliveries delayed by a computer glitch.


The big-name company, which was founded in 2000 and employs over 1,500 people, said it hoped to be caught up by Friday.

Taiwan Pelican Express relocated its northern transit center from New Taipei's Xinzhuang to Taoyuan on Saturday, and in the process switched its logistics system from a manual to computerized one.

It was immediately met with package code identification problems, and overdue deliveries quickly started stacking up.

Reports say that up to 400 roller containers and 200 pallets of overdue deliveries, including frozen food, agricultural goods and business packages sent express. The company has refused to confirm the number of affected orders.

The mounting anger among customers over the delays has been compounded by apparently poor service. Many who attempted to call the office for information have been unable to get through as all lines have been busy.

In an apologetic statement Wednesday, the company said it was combining both its manual and computer resources in an attempt to get all deliveries dispatched as soon as possible.

Taiwan Pelican Express also said it had decided to use manual processing to handle orders from smaller companies, which typically have smaller barcodes that are more difficult to read.

Larger companies' deliveries will still need to be scanned digitally for delivery, it said.

The company added that it was offering compensation for losses stemming from late deliveries.

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